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Intramural Soccer Rules



Number of Players: Twelve is the maximum number of players on a team: Seven players are on the field at a time. Minimum number of players on the field is six. The seven players includes the goalkeeper.

Player Substitutions: Substitutions may be made at any dead-ball situation, regardless of possession. There are no substitutions on the fly (hockey style).


Game Play:

Timing: The game will consist of 2-20 minute halves with continuously running clock. Halftime will be 3 minutes.

Nets: Regulation size.

Goal Scoring: A goal may be scored from anywhere on the field. The ball changes possession after a goal is scored.

Restarts: All restarts are indirect kicks (including the kickoff to start each half). This does not include Penalty Kicks, which will be direct.

Kickoff: Is an indirect kick and may be taken in any direction.

Three (3) Yard Rule: In all dead ball situations, restarts, including game start and halftime start, defending players must stand at least three (3) yards away from the ball. If the defensive player's goal area is closer than three (3) yards, the ball shall be placed three (3) yards from the goal area in line with the place of the penalty.

Offsides: There are no off-sides (but also no cherry-picking--this is up to the referee's digression)..

Goal Kicks: May be taken from any point on the defensive touchline.

Throw-Ins: All out of bounds balls will be taken as throw-ins.

Penalty Kicks: Regular penalty kick rules apply.

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