Lovernich Apartments

Lovernich Courtyard


The Lovernich Residential Complex is comprised of three blocks, which house nearly 300 Seaver College students. The complex features a central landscaped courtyard and the Lovernich Commons, a recently renovated community space with a large dining table, couches, bathrooms, and a big screen TV. The Commons is well-suited for large community events as well as casual movie nights and studying. A team of resident advisors and spiritual life advisors live in Lovernich to guide and support our students during their time as residents.

Each single-gender apartment* contains:

  • A furnished double-occupancy bedroom with closets. Each resident is typically provided with an extra-long twin bed, a desk pedestal, three stackable drawers, and a desk with chair.
  • A kitchen equipped with a gas stove and oven, refrigerator, and a sink with disposal. Students who live in apartments are allowed to bring a microwave.
  • A bathroom containing two sinks, one shower, and one toilet.
  • A living room furnished with a couch, a coffee table, lounge chairs, and a table with chairs. 
  • View a floor plan of a typical Lovernich Apartment.

* Each apartment is 715 square feet (66 square meters) approximately.

Who lives in Lovernich?

Most of the students in Lovernich Apartments are Seaver junior and seniors. Each apartment houses four students, all of the same gender. A men's apartment and women's apartment may be next door to each other; however, residents only have access to their own apartment.

On-Campus Residential Amenities: 

  • Electric/Gas/Water
  • Live TV and On Demand (Philo)
  • High-Speed Internet
  • On-site Washer/Dryer
  • Convenient On-Campus Parking
  • Resident Advisor
  • Spiritual Life Advisor
  • Live In Professional Staff to Assist 24/7

On-Campus Community Amenities:

  • Community Rooms
  • Fireplace (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Library
  • Late Night Dining Venues
  • Pool and Spa
  • Fitness Centers
  • Recreational Courts (Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Track)
  • Courtyards with Grill
  • Walking/Hiking Trails
  • Late Night Shuttle and Escort Services
  • Guard Booth and Patrolled 24/7

Athletic and Gym Facilities

  • On the Seaver Campus, the Firestone Fieldhouse Weight Center conveniently offers a variety of exercise equipment for residents.
  • Residents also have access to an Olympic-size pool, nine tennis courts, basketball courts, a track, and exercise classes.

Shuttles and Parking

  • Pepperdine operates shuttles that stop at Seaver College and other key locations around the Malibu campus.
  • An off-campus Malibu shopping shuttle is also available to take students to nearby shopping locations.
  • Residents with parking permits may park in the adjacent Rho parking lot. Check parking permit information for other parking locations on campus.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bunk, raise or loft my bed?

Only rooms with dark wood beds may be bunked or lofted. To raise or loft beds speak with your resident advisors about getting the necessary tools and parts or contact the Housing and Residence Life office.

Am I allowed stack my bed on top of furniture?

No. Due to safety concerns, residents may not stack their bed on top of the furniture.

Is there air conditioning?

The majority of living areas at Pepperdine are not air-conditioned with the exception of Drescher W Block. Residents are not allowed to install air conditioners of any kind. Portable fans are allowed as long as the window screen remains in the window. Nothing can extend from the window or the building.

What am I allowed to put on the walls of my room?

You may hang items on your walls by using small nails, tacks, or putty only. No screws or bolts are allowed. Do not hang items from your ceiling. TV or surfboard mounts are not allowed. Surfboards may be stored in the common living area.

Can I mount my TV on the wall?

No. TV mounts, large screws, nails, or bolts are not allowed.


Please refer to the Seaver Student Handbook for additional information about policies.

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