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Student Policies

Because we deeply value each and every member of our diverse community as a child of God made in his image, Pepperdine sets exceptionally high standards for students living on campus. These standards are designed to promote respect and honor for all students in their social, cultural, and intellectual pursuits. Conduct that violates the rights of others or is contrary to the University's mission may be grounds for immediate termination of occupancy in University housing and/or the withdrawal of future University housing privileges.

Residents who live in University-owned or controlled housing are subject to the Student Code of Conduct and its related policies (e.g., alcohol and other drugs), including the following Housing and Residence Life policies. These policies are subject to disciplinary action through the Office of Community Standards following the "Disciplinary Procedures" section of the Student Code of Conduct.

It is the responsibility of the resident to be familiar with all Housing and Residence Life policies, which pertain to all areas, including graduate housing. By submitting a housing contract each student accepts responsibility for knowing and adhering to the regulations of the University. Violation of these policies or failure to comply with the housing contract may result in disciplinary action and can result in the loss of housing privileges. Any resident dismissed from housing will be responsible for the housing charges for the remainder of the contractual period.

Failure to satisfy the financial obligations accrued under the housing contract may result in the following: denial of issuance of transcripts; denial of enrollment; or removal or suspension from on-campus housing, all of which would be pursuant to University rules and regulations governing the imposition of these sanctions.

Policy Contact: Community Standards and Housing and Residence Life