Rockwell Towers

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Rockwell Towers is a four-story, six-wing hall that provides double room accommodations to approximately 275 Pepperdine students.

Pairs of double rooms adjoin a common bathroom, used only by the residents of those two rooms.

Rockwell Towers residents have access to the following common rooms:

  • Lounges: furnished with sofas, tables, chairs, and air conditioning. The main lounge on the third floor includes a LCD TV and a community kitchen.
  • Community kitchen: located on the third floor, in the main lounge. The community kitchen contains two large industrial refrigerators, sinks with disposals, ovens, and range tops. The community kitchen is perfectly suited to prepare large group dinners or quick bites to eat.
  • Workout rooms on each floor that contain the following:
    • First floor: free weights and weight machines for shoulder press, lat pull downs, and a functional trainer for triceps, pull ups, and other movements
    • Second floor: Bosu Balls, kettle bells, and a pull up/VKR/dip machine 
    • Third floor: cardio machines with cable TVs
    • Fourth floor: cardio machines with cable TVs

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Specifications and Furniture

  • Each room is furnished and contains two beds, two desks, two desk chairs, two dressers, and two small bookcases.
  • Bathrooms (one bathroom for each set of two double rooms) have two sinks, one shower and one toilet.
  • Rooms in Rockwell Towers are not air-conditioned.

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Who lives in Rockwell Towers

The majority of the students in Rockwell Towers are sophomores.


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