Suite-Style Houses

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Pepperdine's 22 suite-style houses each host approximately 50 students.

Each house has six suites and a main lobby (a large living room with a fireplace and a television).

A typical suite has four double bedrooms, a double bathroom, and a common living room. Each suite bathroom has two sinks, showers and toilets.

Each house has a laundry room with two washers and two dryers.

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Specifications and Furniture

  • Each bedroom is approximately 170 square feet (16 square meters), and each suite (including the four bedrooms) is approximately 1,014 square feet (94 square meters).
  • Rooms in suite-style houses are not air-conditioned.

View a floorplan of a typical House Suite

Each room is furnished and contains:

  • Two beds
  • Two desks
  • Two dressers (or three stackable drawers)
  • Two small bookcases (In freshman halls only)

Each suite is furnished and contains:

  • Love seat
  • Lounge chair
  • Two sofas

Who lives in a Suite-Style House

All first-year students (freshmen), some sophomores, and some transfers live in suite-style houses.

Houses that are dedicated to first year students (freshmen) are home to 50 students (same gender), two Resident Advisors (RAs) and one Spiritual Life Advisor (SLA).

Houses that are dedicated to sophomores and transfers are part of our Theme House program.

Theme Houses are mixed-gender (meaning each suite is single-gender but both men's and women's suites are in the same building) and united by common interests such as outdoor adventure, Christian community, or the arts.


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Triple Rooms

Why settle for just one roommate when you can have two?

Triple rooms (pictured below) are available in certain Suite-Style Houses and offer a guaranteed ocean view and cheaper rates (see our rates page for a price comparison).

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