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Blog Training Guide

Creating a Post

Blog Editing Instructions

  1. Inside the /blog folder open the /posts folder
  2. Click the green "New" button and select "New Blog Post"
  3. Add text for the post's Page Title
    • This is used in search engines and should have some use of of keywords
  4. Add text for the post's Description
    • The description is the meta description used by search engines to describe the page
  5. Add filename for the post using only lowercase and dashes.
    • The filename should be a shortened version of the page title
  6. Click Create
  7. Click Edit then click the green Main Content button
  8. Add the post content in the WYSIWYG
    • Images, links, and even snippets and assets can go into blog posts. It is the same editing process as standard OU pages.
  9. Click Save
  10. Click Edit then click the orange MultiEdit button
  11. Edit the fields in the MultiEdit Content area
    • You can change the post settings for date and how the post displays in the blog feed.
  12. Click Save
  13. Click Properties
  14. Add Tags for the post specific for the blog
  15. Check the other settings and modify if needed
  16. Save and Publish


Blog Image Sizes

Thumbnail Image:

  • 360 x 240 pixels (jpg, saved for web)

Full-Width Image:

  • 820 x 410 pixels (jpg, saved for web)