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Heidelberg Faculty Apartment

Welcome to Moore Haus in Heidelberg, Germany!


1 Master Bedroom

2 Guest Bedrooms (1 single bed, 1 bunk bed), 3 Children Maximum

Moore Haus

Moore Haus sits atop a hill. At street level you enter through the main gate and proceed up 71 steps to the front door. There is a tunnel to the right of the front door that leads to the faculty family's back patio.


As you enter the foyer through the front door you see a magnificent stained glass window framing the stairway that leads to the second floor, which houses the female students, and the third floor, which houses the male students. The arched door below the staircase leads to the lower floor, which houses the program offices, student center and computer lab. In the second picture, the door on the left opens into the library, the middle door opens into the reception room, and the arched door to the right leads to the visiting faculty apartment.


The reception room is shared by both the visiting faculty family and the students.

Reception Room

The faculty family living room.

Living Room

The faculty family kitchen and dining room.


The faculty family bedroom.