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Emily Scott-Lowe and Dennis Lowe

Emily and Dennis Lowe

Visiting Faculty in Buenos Aires, Fall 2010


Getting to know the students

"The Pepperdine facility in BA is conducive to casual interaction with the students.  The patio is a great place to hang out with students. Our discussions included classes, culture, relationships, family, careers, music, and sports. Dennis played basketball with students, and Emily sponsored a cake-and-cards fellowship time once a week."

Teaching in an International Environment

"Teaching in a different culture presents an opportunity to put a cultural spin on classes which encourages creativity for us as faculty and for the students.  For our Psychology classes, we assigned culturally relevant papers.  Students had to learn about the host culture in order to compare and contrast American views of human behavior with Argentine views."

Local Colleagues

"Dennis had I a goal to meet other psychologists in the city.  It turns out that BA has the highest concentration of psychologists of any city in the world except perhaps New York.  We met several who welcomed us into their offices, university, and training institutes."

Personal Travel

"With two long weekends and a Christmas vacation, we were able to travel from the jungle to the Andes to glaciers thousands of miles apart.  We did not realize the varied geography in this country until we witnessed waterfalls in the jungles, cacti growing at 10,000 feet above sea level, glaciers calving, and polo horse ranches on the flat plains."

The Neighborhood

"Casa Holden and Casa Olleros are located in Belgrano, a quiet neighborhood in Buenos Aires.  Within a five block radius were numerous local cafes.  We would go out for café con leche and medialunas (a local pastry) almost daily.  We patronized four restaurants frequently enough to get know the wait staff by name. Every type of store is within easy walking distance of the apartment. We felt very welcomed by the community and enjoyed getting to know individuals in the neighborhood. Even after our first meeting, many of them stated 'If there is any way that we can help you, please let us know.'"

Exploring Buenos Aires

"Metropolitan Buenos Aires has a museum and flea market for everyone.   Flea markets include antiques, handmade crafts, street mimes, hand squeezed orange juice, tango dancers, native clothing from alpaca wool, leather purses, water colored paintings, semi-precious stone sculptures, and Diego Maradona look-a-likes.  Something for every taste.  The famous cemeteries are part history museum and part social register. The city is called the Paris of South America and this is true.  Many neighborhoods resemble European cities but with a South American flavor. To help you explore the city, the subway and many buses are within three blocks of the apartment."

Educational Field Trip

"We had not anticipated that an EFT would include getting up-and-close with whales, elephant seals, and penguins.  However, our EFT to Patagonia was thrilling.  Spending 5 days with the students and wildlife was fun, enlightening, and educational."

The Pepperdine Argentine Staff

"The entire staff in BA was incredible. Everyone not only facilitated our academic pursuits but also went out of their way to help us adjust to a new culture, practice Spanish, and explore Argentina."


- Emily Scott-Lowe, Visiting Faculty in Buenos Aires, Fall 2010