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Michael and Jackie Murrie

Visiting Faculty in London, 2007-2008


Michael and Jackie Murrie

Michael and Jackie Murrie taking a ride on the London Eye.


A week-long trip to Egypt contrasted with the time in cloudy London. Photos are from the area of the Valley of the Kings near Luxor including some students resting at the immense tomb of Queen Hapshutset. This introduction to ancient history and modern Arabic culture, to me, as one of the most important - even crucial - parts of the entire semester.


Intern Erin Newton and faculty spouse, Jackie Murrie, tangle with the firefighters at the Christmas parade in Rochester, England, Charles Dickens' home.

Red Sea

Professor Murrie's wife, Jackie, briefly piloted a ship on the Red Sea near Aqaba.

Mars Hill

Dean Rick Marrs was with us as we first visited the Acropolis. Atop Mars Hill, he read from Acts about Paul's visit to Athens.