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Students have many general education course requirements, so what better time and place to complete them than a summer in Florence, Italy? Students have the opportunity to complete a variety of courses in this program. 

Program Dates

May 10th, 2020 - July 1st, 2020

The dates listed above are departure dates from LAX and from the program location back to LAX.


Tuition: $1,745 per unit (standard Malibu summer tuition rate)

Room & Board: $3,990

Program Specific Costs: Emergency Health Insurance - $61.84 USD*

*Charged to your student account

Required Vital Documents and Deadlines

Completed IP Document Submission Form, including the following documents:

  • Passport Copy: due January 17, 2020
  • Health Clearance Form and Flight Itinerary (for flight exempt students only): due March 13, 2020
  • Visa Copy (for students requiring a visa only): due April 24, 2020

Course Requirements

8 unit minimum requirement. Students must choose courses offered in both the May block (HUM 212 or REL 301) and the June block (COM 313 or HUM 313). All students must take an ITAL course. Students must take ITAL 121 if they have no previous Italian language experience, even if they have met their GE language requirement with another language. 

The Summer 2019 Florence GE class schedule will be created on March 31, 2020. Scheduling is based on students' registration. Any changes made to a student's registration or any new registrations after this date may pose a challenge, as particular courses may be scheduled at the same time. Therefore, it is important to register during the registration period or soon after.

Course Offerings

May Block (choose one to two):

HUM 212 Western Culture II (3)

GE: Western Culture

Prerequisites: HUM 111, ENG 101 (or GSHU 121 or SAAJ 121)

  • An analysis and interpretation of six major historical "events" during the time period 1300-1815 and their cultural implications: Renaissance, Reformation, Intercultural Encounters, Science, Enlightenment, the French Revolution. Students will achieve cultural literacy in these areas and develop skills in cultural interpretation and analysis.

REL 301 Christianity and Culture (3)

GE: Christianity & Culture

Prerequisite: REL 102

  • A study of ways in which Christianity shapes such aspects of culture as art, literature, music, medicine, law, secularization, ecology, racial and ethnic issues, and education, and ways in which these, in turn, influence Christian life and faith.

June Block (choose one to two):

COM 313 Introduction to Intercultural Communication (4)

GE: World Civilizations

Prerequisite: COM 180

  • The study of interpersonal, small group, organizational and mass media communication as it influences the creation of meaning between representatives of major cultures or co-cultures within a predominant culture. Includes verbal and nonverbal elements influencing communication. Contemporary insights from a variety of areas including communication, anthropology, sociology and psychology.

HUM 313 Western Culture III (3)

GE: Western Culture

Prerequisites: HUM 212

  • Focused on a particular topic in modern culture, the course will use historical narrative of the time period 1815 to the present as a background for investigation into a particular theme or themes. Students will engage with and assess varying cultural and historical interpretations. Students will achieve cultural literacy in the modern period and demonstrate their skill in synthesizing and evaluating diverse historical and cultural interpretations.

May through June block:

ITAL 121 Italian Language and Culture (1)

  • Teaches basic, practical conversation and limited reading and writing skills along with a study of Italian culture. This course does not prepare a student to take ITAL 152. Taught only in the Florence program during the summer term.

ITAL 151 Elementary Italian I (4)

  • Basic conversation, reading, and writing; study of Italian culture. Must be taken for a letter grade. Students must earn a minimum grade of C- before they can advance to subsequent courses.

ITAL 152 Elementary Italian II (4)

Prerequisite: ITAL 151 or equivalent competency

  • Continued practice of basic conversation, reading, and writing; study of Italian culture. Must be taken for a letter grade. Students must earn a minimum grade of C- before they can advance to subsequent courses.

ITAL 251 Second-Year Italian I (4)

GE: Language

Prerequisite: ITAL 152 or equivalent competency

  • Emphasizes language production skills and interactive language use with a concentration on conversation. This course also develops reading strategies and examines complex grammar structures. Students must earn a minimum grade of C- before they can advance to subsequent courses.

HUM 295 Enriching the International Experience (1)

  • This course is designed to enrich the student's international experience by providing opportunities to engage more fully with the culture and to reflect more deeply on the experience. It is the goal of this course to help students know how to look at and listen to their new culture and how to give meaning to their international experience. Taught only in International Programs. May be repeated in a different location. Cr/NC grading only.

PE 191 Individual Exercise (1)

  • International Programs only. Extra fee required.


Required Textbooks

Florence Summer 2020 Textbook List

Faculty in Residence

Dr. Theresa De Los Santos

Assistant Professor of Communication, Communication Division, Seaver College


Office Location: CCB 255

Office Hours: Tuesday 11:30am - 2:00pm, Wednesday 11:00am - 1:00pm, Thursday 9:00am - 9:45am, or by appointment.

Theresa De Los Santos is an associate professor of Communication at Seaver College and teaches classes in journalism, media communication, and research methods. She is a graduate of Pepperdine ('01, MA '08) and an alumna of the London program during which she visited and stayed at the Florence campus. She is excited to return to Florence this time with her husband, Steve, and their five-year-old daughter, Kate. In addition to tasting every flavor of gelato possible with Kate, she is looking forward to wandering the streets, museums, art-filled churches, and piazzas in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 



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