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Faculty-in-Residence 2023-2024

Charles Choi

Dr. Charles Choi

Associate Professor, Communication Division

Charles Choi is an Associate Professor of Communication at Seaver College and teaches classes in intercultural communication. He received his Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he met his wife, Elisia, and he's been teaching at Pepperdine since 2014. Charles and Elisia live in Oak Park with their two kids, Joelle and Jordan, and served previously as the faculty family in Lausanne, Switzerland. They greatly enjoy living and learning with Pepperdine students abroad and are excited to explore Italy, learn Italian, and soak in the culture of Tuscany. 


Faculty-in-Residence 2024-2025

Hollace Star

Professor Hollace Starr

Associate Professor of Theatre, Fine Arts Division

Hollace Starr is an actor, a theatre director, and a teacher of Linklater Voice, which is a voice curriculum for actors that helps them develop their vocal expressivity for the stage and screen. At Pepperdine, where Hollace is an associate professor, Hollace teaches voice and acting, directs in the mainstage season, and coaches dialects. Last summer, Hollace was the faculty-in-residence for the London program where she and her family crammed in as much art as they possibly could during their two months there. She is looking forward to applying what she learned from that experience to Florence, where she knows she will be similarly inspired by the abundance of art and cultural history that the city has to offer (only this time in Italian!).


Updated: 8.7.2023