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Email and Events using Cvent

In 2013, Pepperdine University selected Cvent as it's primary event and broadcast email marketing tool.

Cvent's event and email platform offers Pepperdine several distinct advantages.

In addition to the benefits of centralizing and integrating systems; including data collection, analytics, and list management, the system provides a more efficient model for events and email management that requires less training, allows more access, and requires minimal technical ability.

The system has assisted IMC (and Alumni Affairs) in it's efforts to provide consistent, branded, and integrated communications that facilitate online registration, enterprise broadcast e-mail, and reporting to measure communication effectiveness. Cvent itself requires no specific technical ability and has been able to accommodate all requirements.


The initial and ongoing goals of Event Management and Email communications include:

  • Align systems and reduce redundancy
  • Build a bridge to an enterprise CRM
  • Create consistent, branded communications
  • Empower staff with accessibility
  • Remove current technology barriers

Cvent is employed throughout the University with over 70 users trained within the system.