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Pepperdine | Community

Website Refresh and Redesigns

Strategic Approach

IMC has been leading an initiative to refresh and redesign Pepperdine's web enterprise. The main goals of this web initiative are to:

  • Leverage data to make informed decisions and improvements
  • Keep up with industry trends and competitor marketplace
  • Improve site performance
  • Meet standards of accessibility and maintain WCAG compliance
  • Ensure consistent cross-site branding

Project Status



Community Site Refresh (2021)

In 2021 the Digital Marketing Team initiated a significant redesign of Pepperdine's Community website. The internal Community website and each of its subpages serves Pepperdine's faculty, staff, and students across the University's five schools. As the central location for community members to access resources and stay connected, the Digital Marketing Team ensured that a seamless user experience remained at the center of the site redesign.

In addition to a remastered visual identity of the site, the refresh included a launch of the twice-weekly communication Pepp Today. Pepp Today is a snapshot of the latest and most relevant University announcements, events, and news curated and delivered to the email inboxes of faculty, staff, and students aimed at contributing to each community member's sense of belonging.


Phase April May June July Aug. Sept.
Design & Review X          
Communication Strategy X X        
Building HTML Templates   X X      
Web Content Cleanup - Accessibility & SEO   X X X X X
Create New Hub Experiences   X X      
Clone & Content Freeze [Accessibility fixes to Dev site]     X X    
Launch Email Newsletter         X X
Website Go Live         X  

Web Wednesdays

We began holding Community-focused working sessions every Wednesday from 9 AM to noon, starting on May 12, 2021, and ending on August 11, 2021. Sessions were optional, but we asked that there be participation from the community to help fix accessibility issues and update content within the site. Those who attended gained a better insight into web accessibility and the new changes to the community website.