2014 E-Marketing Landscape: Web Redesigns

The Integrated Marketing Group has launched a multitrack e-marketing initiative aimed at strengthening and unifying the University's brand and changing the way we communicate in the digital space. Through this initiative, we are exploring new ways that Pepperdine can create meaningful, fruitful, and high-impact digital experiences to attract and retain vital, productive relationships that advance the University's strategic goals in the areas of brand development, recruitment, engagement, and fundraising. By taking a holistic view of its web presence, the team will redesign our 6 major university sites in 2014 while also upgrading its core support systems.

Strategic Approach

  • Extend Pepperdine's reach by making strategic improvements to our communication channels by leveraging the visibility and distinctive impact of our websites, the accessibility and ubiquitous nature of mobile, and the engaging characteristics and influential power of social media.
  • Employ an enrollment management centric strategy that simplifies and streamlines our public websites to support recruitment while also integrating mobile, social, and CRM.
  • Redesign and reposition Pepperdine websites to provide an inviting and compelling entryway to inform and inspire prospective students to choose Pepperdine for their educational journey.
  • Assist the schools in strengthening brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion strategies to support recruitment, fundraising, and outreach through the web.

Redesign Process

Public Affairs will combine the resources of our Integrated Marketing Communications team, the school marketing and technical teams, and additional outsourced support resources to redesign the University website and all five school websites with a completion date of December 2014. As part of this process, the teams will address and update our infrastructure and tools to provide the interactive and dynamic capabilities that are our prospects have come to expect on the web. Included in this plan is an audit and upgrades of our web content management system, search engines, and web hosting.

Redesign Schedule




Q4 2013 Research, Discovery, & Strategy IMC
School Mktg Teams
Q1 2014 Discovery, Content Planning, Information Architecture, Initial Designs

Begin Development & Content Migration for University and Law

Univ. & All Schools
Univ. Depts
Law Marketing
Q2 2014

Begin Development & Content Migration for Graziadio & Seaver sites



Q3 2014 Begin Development & Content Migration for GSEP & SPP sites IMC
Q4 2014 All sites completed and launched