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Official Colors

Color is a primary component of any brand identity system. Pepperdine blue and orange represents a brand identity tradition that dates back to the University's founding and along with the University wordmark, act as the primary visual pointers to the Pepperdine brand.

Primary Colors

Pepperdine University is represented in print by Pantone 281 blue (00205c) and 166 orange (c225700).

These two colors should be used in some context in every official Pepperdine communications vehicle, including all marketing materials for schools, centers, institutes, and divisions. The extent of their use in each design will depend on the tone and audience.

pantone 281 00205


Pantone 281

pantone 166 c25700


Pantone 166

Secondary Colors

The secondary color palette is meant to augment the primary blue and orange. They can be used as lead colors and can be combined with each other and with the neutrals to create thematic palettes.

pantone 2945 003988

Pantone 2945

pantone 640 0078b0

Pantone 640

pantone 310 64d0e4

Pantone 310

pantone 291 98caec


pantone 1375 ff9f19

Pantone 1375


The neutrals provide options for background colors or decorative elements. They can be combined with the primary and secondary colors to create a palette. They are not meant as lead colors.

pantone black 6 231f20

Pantone Black 6

pantone cool gray 11 434244

Pantone Cool Gray 11

pantone 7541 dadfe1

Pantone 7541

white ffffff


Expanded Neutrals

The expanded neutrals provide other options for background colors or decorative elements. They are not meant as lead colors.

pantone 476 513629

Pantone 476

pantone 7699 33647f

Pantone 7699

pantone warm gray 7 968c83

Pantone Warm Gray 7

Unique Web Colors

Please view the web style guide for digital colors and branding.