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Social Media Marketing

University Channels

IMC manages and promotes the following official Pepperdine channels:


Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee is a sub-committee of the Integrated Marketing Group that:

  • Supports the University community in using social media to further the Pepperdine mission and advance its strategic plan
  • Contributes to the recommendation of social media policy and guidelines for the University
  • Contributes to research related conversation and new advances in social media tools and mediums
  • Serves as a place to share ideas for school/department-specific campaigns and initiatives

The committee, which meets monthly includes content creators from across the University including the five schools, athletics, and alumni affairs: 

Department Contact

Pepperdine University:

Sarah Dillion

Alumni Affairs:

Joy Qiao


Sarah Otteman

Graziadio Business School:                            

Nadia Kelifa


Cathy Javier


Jeffrey Bowen

Caruso School of Law:

Nikiko Burnett

School of Public Policy:

Lena Pacifici

Seaver College Admissions:

Brooke Tomilin

Seaver College Alumni:

Molly Fitzpatrick

What is the purpose of social media at Pepperdine University?

At Pepperdine University, we commit to the following five strategic goals:

  • Advancing learning, knowledge, and scholarship
  • Developing resources
  • Building community
  • Respecting diversity and promoting global understanding
  • Honoring God and the University's Church of Christ heritage

Pepperdine University's strategic plan, along with a commitment to those five themes, can be strengthened through social media internally and externally through the following goals:

  • Increase recruitment for Pepperdine University's undergraduate and graduate schools
  • Strengthen Pepperdine University's national reputation
  • Increase engagement among target audiences such as prospective students, current students, faculty/staff, parents, alumni and donors
  • Establish affinity through similar qualities, ideas, or interest with target audiences
  • Strengthen, promote and support fundraising efforts for Pepperdine University


How are Pepperdine University's social media accounts managed?

Main Pepperdine University accounts are managed by the University's social media manager who is a part of the Integrated Marketing Communications team. All other official Pepperdine accounts are managed and monitored by official representatives across the various schools, departments, and campus organizations. Social media representatives from the University's five schools, athletics, and alumni affairs staff participate in Pepperdine's monthly social media committee meetings.


What type of content will I find on Pepperdine's social media accounts?

Content found on the Pepperdine social media accounts includes, but is not limited to, University news, community events, thoughts related to higher education, engagement opportunities, student and alumni stories, and landscape/campus photos.


How do I get my content posted on Pepperdine's accounts?

If you would like to request for your content to be posted on Pepperdine's main University accounts, email social@pepperdine.edu.


What are some of Pepperdine's frequently used hashtags?

General Hashtags

  • #College
  • #GoWaves
  • #Malibu
  • #Pepperdine
  • #MyPepperdine
  • #PepperdineStory
  • #PepperdineTradition
  • #PepperdineUniversity
  • #PepperdineWaves
  • #University

Athletics Hashtags

  • #WavesUp

Seaver College Hashtags

  • #PepperdineBound
  • #SeaverCollege

Alumni Hashtags

  • #PeppAlum
  • #PepperdineAlumni
  • #PepperdineProud
  • #SuccessAfterSeaver

Event Hashtags

  • Pepperdine Commencements: #PeppGrad[Year] 
    • Example: #PeppGrad23
  • Pepperdine New Student Orientation: #PepperdineNSO