Pepperdine Unified Email Signature

Email Signature Guidelines

Pepperdine University has formally implemented a unified email signature as part of the Pepperdine stationery system. As email signatures have evolved into a digital business card, a unified email signature provides instant brand recognition while maintaining organizational consistency and communicating professionalism and credibility from every member of the organization. The unified design reinforces a cohesive enterprise-wide brand identity and visually represents the relationship between the employee and the University.

This email signature is available for faculty and staff and should not include any additions or modifications. Additions not approved include, but are not limited to, webpage links, mailing addresses, email addresses, quotes, department taglines, office hours, etc. Email signatures should preserve all structural elements, and email messages should include no backgrounds or other forms of email templates.

Email signatures may look smaller or larger depending on screen type, resolution, and other user preferences. This signature has been developed to be the most compatible with the widest variety of screens.

Email Signature Instructions

To download the unified email signature, select the appropriate signature option to be taken to a new page. Click the cursor over the signature block, select all (Ctrl + A) and copy (Ctrl + C). Once copied, locate the signature settings located in the "General" tab of your Gmail settings and paste (Ctrl + V) the signature into your signature box. If an email client other than Gmail is used, use the same copy and paste procedures under the appropriate email signature settings for that client. Make the appropriate modifications to the signature name, title, and contact numbers. Do not make modifications to any wordmarks, logos, or images.

Email Signature Content

  • First and last name of the employee
  • Full job title
  • Name of school, department, center, institute, or division (where applicable)
  • Contact number 1
  • Contact number 2 (where applicable)
  • Alumni credentials. Standard editorial style rules apply, though the preferred styling following a name in an email signature is with parentheses.
  • Terminal degree listings (PhD, JD, etc.) from other universities and licensed degrees (licensed practitioner) are permitted following the name, but only if they are relevant to the employee's role at Pepperdine.
  • Second job title (where applicable)
  • Name of school, department, center, institute, or division (where applicable)
  • Honorific titles (Dr., etc.)
  • Courtesy titles (Mr., Mrs., etc.)
  • Web language (http://, www, etc.)
  • Unapproved social media links
  • Marketing slogans or taglines
  • Personal information or anything outside the scope of the employee's role at Pepperdine, including links to personal URLs or unofficial Pepperdine channels
  • Additional information or graphics

Questions may be directed to Integrated Marketing Communications at x1400.


Pepperdine University Email Signature

The Pepperdine email signature is the standard signature for use by employees in all schools and departments. This signature allows for significant flexibility in the information panel to include school, department, center, institute, or division names were applicable while maintaining a uniform visual standard for every employee at the University.


Pepperdine University email signature layout


Pepperdine University Email Signatures

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Caruso School of Law Email Signatures

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50th Anniversary


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Pepperdine Athletics Email Signature

The Pepperdine Athletics email signature is restricted to ONLY employees who work in Pepperdine Athletics. Usage by any other employee is prohibited.


Pepperdine Athletics email signature layout


Pepperdine Athletics Email Signatures

Special Edition Email Signature

A special edition email signature is a temporary email signature that features a mark for a highly unique occasion, campaign, or initiative. Usage of a special edition email signature is restricted to employees who work for the school or major area for which the signature was created. All special edition email signatures must be approved and developed by Integrated Marketing Communications.


GSEP 50th Anniversary email signature layout