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Editorial Strategy

Pepperdine Newsroom

The University has six Newsrooms for sharing faculty, student, and/or staff accomplishments, and news releases. Along with five dedicated Newsrooms for each school, there is one University Newsroom for news relevant across the Pepperdine community. A comprehensive storytelling strategy on this platform allows the community to stay connected to University- and school-specific initiatives while also contributing to a greater sense of belonging.

Pepperdine Magazine

Pepperdine Magazine is the feature magazine for Pepperdine University and its growing community of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends. The magazine showcases individuals, news, achievements, and challenges across the entire University while engaging in an open dialogue about relevant and topical issues pertaining to the University and its mission.


  • Tackle complex and pertinent subjects, embrace a multitude of perspectives, and convey an honest portrayal of Pepperdine today
  • Feature content that is intellectually stimulating and socially conscious infused with Christian values
  • Serve as a central communication channel with the University's vibrant alumni community, demonstrating the growing value of their degree, education, and place in the Pepperdine family
  • Reach and impress readers unfamiliar with Pepperdine University


Pepperdine Magazine aims to strengthen the Pepperdine brand and elevate the University's national reputation through its storytelling. The content and creative direction of the magazine should:

  • Demonstrate the University's mission in action
  • Support the goals of the University strategic plan
  • Highlight the University core values
  • Celebrate the unique and transformative people and experiences of Pepperdine

Advisory Board

Pepperdine Magazine is produced with guidance from an advisory board representing a cross-section of the University community. The advisory board convenes quarterly for the essential purpose of informing content choices. Each member represents his or her own school or division by sharing story ideas, recommending angles to pursue, and facilitating introductions between the editor and story contacts.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Gareen Darakjian - Editor, Pepperdine Magazine; Senior Managing Editor, Integrated Marketing Communications

Nate Ethell ('08, MBA '13) - Senior Director, Communications and Brand Development, Integrated Marketing Communications

Keith Lungwitz - Creative Director, Pepperdine Magazine; Creative Director, Integrated Marketing Communications

Matt Midura ('97, MA '05) - Acting Chief Marketing Officer, Integrated Marketing Communications

Seaver College

Dana Dudley ('98)- Assistant Dean, Special Academic Programs

Stephanie Cupp ('94) - Program Coordinator, Center for Faith and Learning

Caruso School of Law

Kim Prince - Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications

Graziadio Business School

Jodi Hill (MBA '04) - Director of Marketing and Communications

Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Cathy Javier - Marketing Manager

School of Public Policy

Jaclyn Ramirez - Manager of Marketing and Communication


Roger Horne - Assistant Director of Athletics for Communications

To submit a story idea for Pepperdine Magazine, please contact your advisory board representative or email magazine@pepperdine.edu.


Recent Awards and Recognition

 CASE VII Awards of Excellence (February 2014)

  • 2013 Seaver Yield Video (GOLD)
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Seaver College Admissions Website (SILVER)
  • Digital Communications - Websites - Individual Sub-Websites
  • Seaver College Viewbook (SILVER)
  • Student Recruitment Publications - Print Viewbooks and Prospectuses
  • Pepperdine Magazine (BRONZE)
  • General Interest Magazine - Circulation 75,000+

 Education Digital Marketing Awards (January 2014)

  • Pepperdine Community Website (GOLD)
  • Institutional Intranet Site
  • Pepperdine Magazine App (GOLD)
  • Miscellaneous Interactive Media
  • Seaver Admissions Website (SILVER)
  • Admissions Website

 CASE VII Awards of Excellence (February 2013)

  • Pepperdine University - 2012 Pepperdine Associates Dinner (GOLD)
  • Category: Integrated Advancement Programs - Special Events - Individual Special Events
  • Pepperdine University - Stand Up, Step Forward, Take Flight Campaign (SILVER)
  • Category: Integrated Advancement Programs - Advertising - Advertising Campaigns
  • Pepperdine University 60 Sec Spot (SILVER)
  • Category: Communications & Marketing Programs - Video PSAs and Commercial Spots - Video PSAs and Commercial Spots
  • Executive MBA (EMBA) Video - Graziadio School of Business and Management (BRONZE)
  • Category: Communications & Marketing Programs - Video Recruitment Features - Video Recruitment Features
  • Waves of Change Newsletter - (GOLD)
  • Category: Print External Audience Tabloids / Newsletters

 28th Annual Educational Advertising Awards (February 2013)

  • Television Single Advertising - Pepperdine Commercial Spot (60 second) - Gold
  • Magazine Series Advertising - Purpose, Service, & Leadership (Stand Up, Step Forward, Take Flight) - Gold
  • Total Ad Campaign - Purpose, Service, & Leadership (Stand Up, Step Forward, Take Flight) - Merit
  • External Publication - Pepperdine Magazine - Merit

 CASE VII Awards of Excellence (March 2012)

  • 75th Anniversary Video - Silver
  • Category: Communications & Marketing Programs - Video General Information Features - Traditional video, DVD, CD or film
  • Pepperdine University 75th Anniversary & Visibility Campaign - Silver
  • Category: Integrated Advancement Programs - Advertising - Advertising Campaigns
  • Pepperdine University 75th Anniversary - Silver
  • Category: Integrated Advancement Programs - Special Events - Year-Long Special Events

 27th Annual Educational Advertising Awards (March 2012)

  • NewsPaper Advertising - 9/11 Event - Gold
  • NewsPaper Advertising - Campaign for Pepperdine - Merit
  • Publication External - Pepperdine Magazine - Bronze
  • Logo/Letterhead Design - Campaign for Pepperdine - Gold
  • Video Viewbook - Pepperdine 75th Anniversary - Bronze