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Media Production Team


The Media Production Team is directly tasked with supporting the University's mission and strategic plan by building brand equity, elevating the University's national reputation, providing strong and consistent institutional message leadership, and implementing effective integrated communications strategies.  This team consists of talented individuals committed to protecting and promoting the University's national reputation through the following areas of expertise; Video Production, Photography and Digital Media Archives.  Please note: Our target audience is external in nature. Due to high demand, we may not be able to directly provide assistance with internal audience-based requests.


Video Production


We produce the following types of projects/videos:

  • Targeted marketing and recruitment videos that elevate the university's brand along with assisting in the efforts to attract and recruit new students. 
  • Videos that encourage a stronger affinity between the University and students, alumni, and donors.
  • Informational institutional videos, such as the annual Year in Review video.


We provide consultation and training for the following types of projects:

  • Academic in nature or for internal audiences
  • Event videography
  • Departmental productions
  • Livestream events


Video Post-Production


For larger events, symposiums, conferences, and panel discussions we will require post production to be handled by an external vendor. Shorter events, such as graduations and dean's lecture series speakers, we will still be able to provide editing services.

  • IMC will no longer be able to directly provide duplication services.




Photography services extend to event documentation, performances, administration portraits.


Digital Media Archives


IMC manages a digital asset management system, titled the PA Media Bank.  Photographs taken by the university photographer and official agents for IMC are stored for internet based retrieval on the PA Media Bank . More information about the PA Media Bank