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Athletics Marks

The wordmarks and symbols shown here are just a few examples of the official marks Integrated Marketing Communications has created for Pepperdine University Athletics. The Athletics marks are to only be used for all sports publications, as well as for uniforms, athletics venues, signage, team apparel and gear, and retail products for sports booster organizations and events. They may be used in non-sports related publications, such as student recruiting materials when appropriate within the overall Athletics tone and purpose of the publication (such as viewbooks), and with prior approval of Integrated Marketing Communications. In all cases the marks may be proportionally enlarged or reduced but may not be altered or combined with other elements in any other way

Color Information

The University Athletics marks may be reproduced on a field of white, off-white, black, Pantone 281 (blue), or Pantone 158 (orange) only. No other colors are permitted. The Interim Athletics Branding Guidelines are not for reproduction, it is for color break information and proper usage ONLY. The official athletics colors are Pantone 281 Blue and Pantone 158 Orange. For information on licensing Pepperdine Athletics trademarks, or a copy of the Interim Athletics Branding Guidelines, call Integrated Marketing Communications directly at 818.702.1400.





All variances of names and visual representations of Pepperdine University are considered Pepperdine University "trademarks". The University owns these trademarks and carefully manages their commercial use. To obtain the Pepperdine Athletics Marks and usage approvals contact Integrated Marketing Communications at 818.702.1400. Pepperdine trademarks are the exclusive property of Pepperdine University. The marks include any trademark, service mark, name, logo, insignia, seal, design, or other symbol or device associated with or referring to Pepperdine University. Also included are any word, phrase, or image that implies association with the University, such as "Go Waves!" Any commercial use of Pepperdine University marks requires licensing and payment of royalties. For information on licensing Pepperdine University Athletics trademarks, contact the Athletics Department at 818.702.1400.