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The University Seal

The Pepperdine University seal is a highly restricted mark intended only for formal, University-level projects. It is never used for promotions or advertising. Please contact Keith Lungwitz, creative director, at 1440 if you have any questions.



Examples include:

  • diplomas
  • proclamations
  • awards
  • certificates
  • medallions
  • official documents (such as catalogs)
  • hallmark banners
  • communications from the president's office
  • as a watermark on University letterhead


Use with other marks

The Pepperdine seal is never used in combination with any other logo or unique mark except for two instances when it is used in conjunction with the Pepperdine logo: a) in the same space as the logo as long as there is adequate distance between the logo and seal (ex: certificates or awards), and b) when used as a screened background image behind the logo (ex: hallmark banners, slideshow decks, and public safety vehicles).

None of the University's branding assets, especially the logos and seal, should ever be used in situations that create competition among multiple logos.



The Pepperdine seal is rendered in three color schemes: black, Pantone 281 blue, or a mix of Pantone 281 blue and Pantone 2945 blue. For special occasions it may be rendered in Pantone 871 metallic gold or reproduced with a gold foil treatment. It should never be rendered in any other color including Pepperdine orange. It also exists in a white form (negative) for use on dark backgrounds.