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URL Shortener and QR Codes

Shortened URLs can be utilized in a variety of ways and are most useful for tracking, marketing, and sharing links to other mediums such as print, social, and SMS.

Pepperdine uses the format of "go.pepperdine.edu/_______" for our short URLs with a link management tool called Rebrandly. Similar to TinyURL and Bitly, this tool allows us to brand, track, and share short URLs using a branded domain name that we can build custom URLs on.

Why Use a Short URL

  • Branding – provides credibility, company assoication, and relavance to the link (over Bitly URLs)
  • Tracking – being able to attribute clicks and marketing efforts of various campaigns
  • Inserting UTM parameters – This helps with link tracking, but inserting UTM parameters makes a link long and ugly. A link shortener allows you to hide, or mask, your parameters behind the new shorter version.
  • Ease of use – faster to typing and easier to recall the URL (good for print, word-of-mouth, radio, and telveision)
  • Appealing – customize URLs look more relevant with the content and information shared

Where to Use a Short URL

  • For marketing or event campaigns
  • In social media when link is visible in the post text
  • On print flyers, mailers, banners, radio, television, and outdoor advertising
  • In SMS/text messaging that limits the number of characters/length used in the message


How to Request a Short URL or QR Code

Those interested in obtaining shortened Pepperdine URLs need to complete the Shortened URL Request Form maintained by IMC.


Usage Policy

  • Short URLs are for temporary use only and will be removed after two years without notice.
  • Short URL needs to be visible or verbal and not for a button or link behind other text.
  • Short URLs are for redirecting Pepperdine subdomain URLs only.



Related Terms and Tools

Classic Redirects

Classic redirects are what we have been traditionally using to handle a redirect for directing traffic from a page that has been moved or removed altogether.

Vanity URLs

Vanity URLs will only be used for evergreen redirects now, which we define as redirecting URLs that live long-term without change and are unrelated to any marketing tactics.

QR Codes

QR codes are a type of matrix barcode that users can scan from their mobile devices to redirect them to a website. This is often easier for the user to use over typing in a URL and is primarily seen used on print and television platforms.


Urchin Tracking Module codes (UTMs) are snippets of code—attached to the end of a URL—used to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. They are also used to pinpoint specific sources of traffic to your website. UTM codes, at a minimum, include a traffic source, a medium, and a campaign name.