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The Purchasing Office exists to connect Pepperdine faculty and staff with suppliers that provide goods and services necessary to conduct business on behalf of the University.  

Our goal is to perform this role in a timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner, consistent with Pepperdine's mission and within the scope of the University Financial Policies.

The primary ways we accomplish this task is through the creation of suppliers and purchase orders (POs). 


A supplier is any individual or entity we agree to do business with, in addition to obtaining all the necessary information and documentation.    

To create a supplier, submit a Supplier Application.

W-9’s are required for all suppliers.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are created based on information provided in a requisition.  A requisition is the electronic form submitted by a requestor to spend funds for University purposes.  These are generated through PeopleSoft to request procurement of materials, supplies, equipment, and services from a supplier. 

How can I purchase goods or services for the University?

Credit Card:

The University Credit Card is the preferred spending method for purchases under $5,000.00. For more information or to apply for a card review the University Credit Card web site.

Create a Requisition:

Purchases that exceed $5,000.00 or the supplier does not accept credit cards, submit a PeopleSoft Requisition.  Purchasing will review the requisition and generate a purchase order (PO). For more information review the Purchasing Requisitions web site.

Office Depot:

Users with access are able to purchase items from Office Depot Business Solutions. For more information or to request access review the Office Depot web site.

Last Updated: 07/13/2021