Check the Status of a Requisition

The Requisition Inquiry page allows users to locate the Purchase Order number and check the status of the payment

Locate the Requisitions section on the WaveNet portal

Click on Requisition Inquiry

Req Inq


Enter the Business Unit and your Requisition ID (Example 0000012345) or use the Spy Glass *there are many other options for reviewing the requisition if you do not have the Requisition ID


Req Inq


The Details Tab will show basic information found on the requisition


The Status Tab will show Document Status  Approvals and Attachments

Req Inq 4


Document Status will show details of the Requisition

*Purchase Order, Voucher and Payment reflect the processing is complete and a check was sent out

Req Inq 5


Approval provides details about who approved it and when




Comments/Attachments will show all items attached to the Requisition


Last Updated: 11/27/2018