How to Check the Status of a REQ or P.O.

The Requisition Status query allows the user to locate the Purchase Order number and check the status of the Purchase Order or the Requisition.

  1. Login to WaveNet.
  2. Locate the Requisitions folder in the Finance Center. Click "Requisition Status."

    Requisition Status

  3. First, enter in the Business Unit. Next, use the REQ ID number you received in your requisition confirmation email to enter into the REQ ID field. Select the drop down option of CONTAINS to yield the best search. Click Search.

    Business Unit

  4. Click the desired REQ ID.

    REQ ID

  5. The results can yield a REQ/P.O. in 4 different stages.
    • REQ – not yet turned into a P.O.

      REQ not yet turned into PO

    • P.O. – REQ approved. P.O. number created.

      PO Created

    • P.O. + Voucher – P.O. created. Voucher created

      Voucher Created

    • P.O. + Voucher + Payment – payment sent

      Payment Sent