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Reallocation is the process of changing the chartfield string from the default (the chartfield string submitted on your Credit Card Application) and validating the budget for each University credit card transaction.

Reallocation is the University's way of ensuring that each transaction is expensed to the appropriate budget and funded from the appropriate source.

All transactions must be reallocated by the last day of the calendar month. It is recommended that cardholders reallocate transactions throughout the month. Transactions are visible in WaveNet two business days after a transaction has been posted by US Bank, the University's credit card provider.

The credit card billing cycle closes on the 25th of every month, unless the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday; then, the billing cycle closes on the following business day.

Cardholder's Failure to Reallocate

Failure to reallocate a monthly statement will result in all transactions being charged to your default chartfield string.

Proxy for Cardholder

If a cardholder anticipates that they will be unable to reallocate and substantiate their monthly credit card transactions a cardholder proxy should be granted authorization.

A cardholder proxy is one or more employees that are authorized to reallocate and substantiate the cardholder's monthly credit card transactions on his or her behalf.

To request a proxy complete a University Credit Card Proxy Request

Disputed Charges

A dispute must be initiated within 45 days of the transaction post-date.

Do not reallocate a disputed charge. Allow it to post to the default chartfield string. If a credit is issued as resolution to the dispute, the credit may also be allowed to post to the default chartfield string, thus offsetting the original charge. All other transactions must be reallocated.

For more information on how to dispute a charge Click Here.


Instructor-led training is available for the reallocation process. Please visit Information Technology's Training Calendar to view and register for upcoming classes.

Last Updated: 07/13/2021