How to Copy a Requisition


Click on Add/Update Requisitions
Click on Add a New Value tab then enter the Business Unit: PUNIV
Click ADD


How to Copy a Requisition


Click on Copy From


How to Copy a Requisition2
Enter the Business Unit and your Requisition ID (Example 0000012345) or use the Spy Glass *there are many other options for reviewing the requisition if you do not have the Requisition ID

Click Search


How to Copy a Requisition3
In the Requisition Search section, Select (Sel) the requisition and click OK


How to Copy a Requisition4
You should be prompted back to your Requisitions main page. Your new requisition is now ready to be modified.

Purchasing recommends updating the Due Date, attachments, and description if needs be.


How to Copy a Requisition5
Updating a Requisitions Quantity


To update the Quantity of a Requisition, click on the Details icon


How to Copy a Requisition7
Navigate the to the Attributes section, click on the drop down Amount Only

Click OK


How to Copy a Requisition8
The Requisition Quantity is now ready for updating

Last Updated: 02/11/2020