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How to Create a Requisition

  • Click on Add/Update Requisitions
  • Click on Add a New Value then enter the Business Unit: PUNIV
  • Click ADD
    New Value 1 Add 2

Creating a Requisition

  1. Enter a Requisition Name – We Recommend Entering the Supplier Name here
  2. Enter the Approver – Use the Lookup to find your Level 1 Approver
  3. Click the link Add Comments/Attachments – Attach a quote or supporting document

    Create Req 
Add Attachment
  1. Select the Attach button to open the File Attachment navigation view
  2. Select Choose File, PDF only, and locate the needed attachment. Then select Upload
  3. To Confirm the file is uploaded use the View button
  4. Select the OK to return to main page

    Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3


Enter the Line Details
  1. Enter the Description. The arrow icon will display in a modal window
  2. Enter the Quantity
  3. Enter the UOM (Unit of Measure). Use the Lookup to select other units
  4. Enter the Category. Use the Lookup to list and find the appropriate item category
  5. Enter the Price per unit of measure
  6. TIP: Select the icon Show all columns to expand the Line details to include the Ship To/Due Date and the Supplier Information

    Line Detail
Continue the Line Details
  1. Enter the Due Date. (Goods or Services are Expected to Arrive)
  2. The Ship To location is defaulted to MAL-MAIN. (Note: the location can be changed in Defaults)
  3. Enter the Supplier. Use the Lookup icon to assist. (Note: both the Supplier ID and Supplier Name fields will be filled in)
  4. Use the Schedule icon to open the Schedule (needed to access the Chartfields)
    1. Use the PLUS icon to add a row for entering another Line Details if needed

Enter Line Data

Continue to the Line Details
  1. The OpenInvoice Approver is a text field where the Requesters name becomes the default. This field can be changed to another individual authorized to approve in Open Invoice
  2. Click on the Chartfields icon to open and view the Distribution

    Line Detail 3


Completing the Requisition
  1. Be sure to Return to Main Page
  2. Select the Save button. Once the Req is saved the Requisition ID will change from NEXT to an ID number. (Example: 0000061222)
  3. NOTE: that the Req cannot be saved until ALL required entries are populated and without errors
    Completing the Req 1 Completing Req step 2 Completing Req step 3
 Budget Check
  1. Before the Req can be submitted for approval a budget check must be completed. Click the Budget Check icon
  2. Budget Status Valid = Successful completion

    Budget CheckBuget Status
Submit For Approval
  1. Once the Budget Check is Valid and the Status is Open, click the Submit for Approval icon. The Status changes to Pending and the Approver will now see the Requisition in their workflow

  2. Completing 1
    Approval Pending                                                                      NOTE: additionally the Approver will receive an email notification

    Approval 3

Last Updated: 11/08/2017