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Requesting a University Credit Card

A University credit card can be requested by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete the Financials Access Form selecting the Credit Card Substantiation box.
  2. Complete a University Credit Card Application.
  3. Obtain Supervisor, Major Area Budget Manager, Vice President of designated area, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) approval signatures.

Submit the completed application with full signature approval to the Accounts Payable Office, mail code 4721.

Credit Limits

There are monthly dollar limits and single transaction limits templates to choose from when applying for the University Credit Card. The cardholder's position and job duties should be a factor in determining the appropriate credit limits.

Monthly Limit / Single Transaction Limit for non-travel related purchases:

$1,000 / $ 500

$2,500 / $1,000

$5,000 / $2,500

$7,500 / $2,500

$10,000 / $2,500

$10,000 / $5,000

$12,500 / $5,000

$15,000 / $5,000

$20,000 / $5,000

$25,000 / $5,000

Receipt of Credit Card Timeline

Once the completed and fully approved University credit card application has been processed it will take up to seven business days to receive the card. The credit card will be mailed directly to the cardholder by the provider, US Bank, to the campus mail code provided on the credit card application.

Last Updated: 07/13/2021