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How to Approve Substantiation

This documentation gives a step-by-step tutorial of the online credit card substantiation process.

  1. Login to WaveNet.
  2. In the Finance Self Service tab, locate the CREDIT CARDS section and click on

    Approve Substantiate
    How to Approve Substantiation
  3. Click on "Approve Substantiation" link. This will take you directly to the approval worklist. Click on the report ID that corresponds to the monthly statement that you want to approve.

    How to Approve Substantiation
  4. This brings you to the statement detail page in which you can review each of the transactions.

    Statement Detail
  5. In order to view the cardholder's substantiation, click on the substantiation icon link next to the word substantiation.

    Cardholder's Substantiation
  6. Now you are on the transaction detail page. The first transaction and its substantiation should be the first thing you see. Carefully review each transaction to ensure it is a valid business expense.

    Transaction Detail
  7. Continue through each transaction by clicking on the Show Next Row scroll arrow.

    Show Next Row
  8. Once you've reviewed all transactions, click "OK" to return to the statement detail page.
  9. From here, click on the paper clip icon to review the attached receipts.
    • For procedure on what to do when missing a receipt, click here.

      Attached Receipts
  10. Next, click the "View" button.

  11. Locate the receipts file that automatically opens in a new tab or window.
  12. This file will contain the receipts in order as listed on the transactions page. Make sure to account for all receipts. Review each receipt to confirm that there is no unauthorized or inappropriate use of the credit card. Navigate back to the credit card module. Click "OK" to return to the Statement Detail page.

    Return to the Statement Detail
  13. If any area of the substantiation is in question or incomplete enter your reasoning in the comments box here and click "Send Back".

    Send Back
  14. Or, if you feel the cardholder has satisfied all required procedures, click "Approve" to send the monthly statement to the Credit Card Analyst for review.


Missing Receipts

If you have any missing receipts, substantiate in the Credit Card Substantiation module as normal. Be sure to add a note in the "What" field stating: "(Note: missing receipt)." Replace the location of where the original receipt would have been organized in the receipt file with a word document listing the items purchased on the original receipt.

  • Under $25 – no VP signature required
  • Over $25 – once you have followed the missing receipt protocol, the substantiation will be submitted to your supervisor, who will then pass it on to Finance. Once Finance receives it, they will then forward it on to the VP for the required signature.

Last Updated: 11/12/2020