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How to Substantiate

  1. Login to WaveNet.
  2. In the Finance Self Service tab, locate the credit cards section and click on Credit Cards

    How to Substantiation
    How to Substantiation

  3. Click on the the "Substantiate Statement" link. This takes you to the credit card substantiation view. Here in the statement search, you will be able to access the cardholder's statement by clicking on any of the search lookup icons.

    How to Substantiation
  4. Click on the desired employee ID. Note: If you are a proxy, there may be multiple employee choices.

    Employee ID

  5. Click "Search."
  6. A list of credit card statements will appear at the bottom of the statement search with the most current month's billing statement at the top of that list. These are the possible statuses that could be posted with or without your activity:
    • Open – means that you have entered into the report to start your substantiation.
    • Pending – this indicates you started to substantiate, but have not yet submitted the report.
    • Submitted – means the report has been sent to your supervisor.
    • In Process – means the report has received one or more approvals.
    • Sent Back – means the report has been sent back to the submitter for review and changes.
    • Approved – means the report has been fully approved.

      Credit Card Statements
  7. Next, click on the link correlated to the monthly statement in which you are substantiating.
  8. Once you select the desired statement, you will be taken to the Statement Detail page. This page gives you a full list of transactions from that month's billing cycle. To substantiate, click on the substantiation icon link next to the word substantiation.

    Statement Detail
  9. This will lead you to the corresponding transactions detail page. Enter your explanation details of the purchase into each provided field.
    • Note: depending on whether it's a purchasing expense or a travel and entertainment expense, you will need to substantiate as follows:
      • Purchasing expenses:
        • What
        • Why
      • Travel and Entertainment:
        • What
        • Why
        • Who
        • Where
    • Note: If you hover over or click the question marks located above each substantiation field, a box will pop up with an explanation of what is required for each field.
      Transactions Detail
  10. Once all substantiation fields are filled out, continue to the next transaction by clicking the Show Next Row scroll arrow in the transactions header.
    • 2 ways to save.
      • OK – this action saves your work and returns you to the main Statement Detail Page.
      • Save – this action saves your work and keeps you on the same page.
    • Note: you may choose to select "View All" to show all the transactions that need substantiation for that billing cycle.
  11. Next, you will need to attach a file of all your receipts. Locate and click on the "Attach Receipts" paper clip iconAttachment Icon.
      • To learn how to organize your scanned receipts in Adobe Acrobat XI, click here for a step by step tutorial or here for a how-to video.
      • For procedure on what to do when missing a receipt, click here.

        Attach Receipts
  12. This will open the attachments view. From here, enter a description in the field provided. Here is an example: "March receipts". Then select the "Attach" button.

    Attach Receipts

  13. This will bring up the File Attachment view. Select "Browse." Then navigate to the desired PDF file containing all your receipts for the month. Then click "Upload." Then click "OK."


  14. This will take you back to the Statement Detail page. Notice that the attachments icon has a green plus symbol indicating a successful attachment.

    Back to Statement Detail

  15. Now, with all previous steps complete, you are ready to submit the substantiation for approval. If your substantiation is incomplete, click "Save for Later." Once you have filled out all required fields and attached the receipts file, click the "Submit for Approval" button.

    Save for Later

  16. Notice the workflow status box that appears below. This confirms that your substantiation has been submitted.

    Submit for Approval

Missing Receipts

If you have any missing receipts, substantiate them in the Credit Card Substantiation module as normal. Be sure to add a note in the "What" field stating: "(Note: missing receipt)." Replace the location of where the original receipt would have been organized in the receipt file with a Word document listing the items purchased on the original receipt. 

  • Under $35 – no CFO, EVP/COO, or President approval required
  • Over $35 – request approval from the CFO, EVP/COO, or the President via Approval Request prior to substantiation submission and following missing receipt protocol, include the approval with substantiation attachments (in PDF format).
Last Updated: 06/11/2023