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Executive MBA Program Learning Outcomes

*Approved May 2023

Upon completion of the Executive MBA program, students will be able to:

Goal 1: Personal Leadership Development

  1. Leverage personal, interpersonal, and situational awareness across various organizational settings.
  2. Establish communication skills that build credibility and justify courses of action across various stakeholder groups.

Goal 2: Responsible Leader Action

  1. Address ethical challenges and their resulting personal, organizational, societal, and global impacts on decision making.

Goal 3: Business Leader Competency

  1. Formulate evidence-based decision making and a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate and address business situations.
  2. Design an integrated action plan that justifies strategic recommendations, measures outcomes, and implements an overarching strategy.

The assessment portfolio linked below contains the program's curriculum maps, rubrics, and other important assessment documents. The folder serves as a central location where program committee members can visit to keep track of assessment-related items and tasks.