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M. S. in Business Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the M.S. in Business program, students will be able to:

Goal 1: Communications

  1. Students are able to prepare and persuasively deliver a business presentation on a topic of interest using multiple audio, visual, and digital technologies and tools.
  2. Students have the skills to prepare a written report on a business topic which is easy to read, clearly explains any data and analysis they did, and the value of their findings.

Goal 2: Ethics

  1. Students are able to identify an ethical dilemma and can identify and select solutions to the dilemma and discuss the consequences of the solutions to themselves and others.    

Goal 3: Business Studies

  1. Students have the skills to use technologies to speed up data analysis and decision making.
  2. Students have the skills to independently evaluate and verify data and information.
  3. Students are able to demonstrate awareness of and responsiveness to dynamic marketplace conditions.
  4. Students are able to apply critical skills to solve complex business problems
  5. Students are able to use strategic thinking to create business action plans.
  6. Students are able to examine the role of U.S. business in the global economy.


The assessment portfolio linked below contains the program's curriculum maps, rubrics, and other important assessment documents. The folder serves as a central location where program committee members can visit to keep track of assessment-related items and tasks