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MS in Real Estate

Program Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Ethics: Our graduates will possess effective, ethical and socially responsible critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Our students will:

  1. Recognize and assess ethical dilemmas in business situations and pursue creative solutions with integrity, stewardship, courage, and compassion.
  2. Evaluate the impact of business decisions on society at large, as well as their client and company, and take actions of mutual benefit.
Goal 2: Communication: Our graduates will possess effective professional communication skills to persuasively and professionally articulate their ideas and thinking. Our students will:
  1. Prepare and deliver presentations and reports that are clear, concise, and analytical, with appropriate use of visual aids.
  2. Demonstrate effective leadership and interpersonal communication skills in a team setting.
Goal 3: Global Awareness: Our graduates will have a global perspective. Our students will:
  1. Define key components of another country's business environment and give examples of how it differs from the domestic market.
Goal 4: Real Estate Competencies: Our graduates will demonstrate knowledge and understanding within and across real estate subject areas to an analyst's competency level. Our students will:
  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of real estate investment and finance, including public and private equity and debt.
  2. Deploy technical, quantitative, and software modeling skills to assess the value of real estate assets, deals, and transactions.
  3. Perform site, public policy, market, financial, and construction analyses to propose and defend a real estate investment proposal.
  4. Analyze a firm's financial statement to assess its financial health, performance, and future prospects including valuation methods and credit analysis.
  5. Summarize and interpret common legal issues in commercial real estate.
  6. Use appropriate tools to make effective real estate based asset investment decisions in analyzing securities and strategies for constructing portfolios.
Goal 5: Practical Learning Objective: Our graduates will have hands-on problem solving skills. Our students will:
  1. Synthesize and successfully apply their real estate knowledge in a client-based project.


The assessment portfolio linked below contains the program's curriculum maps, rubrics, and other important assessment documents. The folder serves as a central location where program committee members can visit to keep track of assessment-related items and tasks.