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Annual Student Achievement Reports

Annual student achievement reports can be thought of the second-to-last step in the assessment process, or the "Analyze" step. Reports are completed in the spring term and align with the new calendar year. The Annual Student Achievement Report will examine the data collected in the previous year. Therefore, they will be distributed to program chairs and academic directors in February in order to analyze data from the previous year. Program chairs and academic directors are emailed the report templates with aggregated data, links to assessment resources and instructions for completion. The Accreditation and Assessment Team provides support, encouragement, and data coaching throughout the process.

The Purpose of Annual Student Achievement Reports

Several different components go into each report. The template provides prompts for committees to reflect on student achievement of the program learning outcomes and triangulate findings with indirect data. The reports prompt committees to summarize their assessment findings over the past year, identify areas of high performance, discuss areas of improvement, add context, propose improvement plans, and reflect on past improvements. Committees are also provided an opportunity to review and update their curriculum map, assessment plan, and rubrics. Analysis of multiple data points is meant to facilitate a holistic discussion around the student the program and provide faculty with tools and resources to drive curriculum improvements.

 Overview of Report Cycle


Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are assessed by evaluating student work from embedded course assignments each term, for each program, using a rubric.

February of Following Year

Reports templates are delivered to program chairs with aggregated assessment data and indirect data pre-populated.


Each Program Committee interprets results, adds context, recognizes accomplishments and proposes potential improvement plans and/or updates as part of the report.


Program Committees submit the Annual Student Achievement Report to Accreditation & Assessment staff.

How to Complete an Annual Student Achievement Report

There are a few things to note before getting started with an assessment report:

  • Reports are done in Google Docs
  • You will need to be logged into your Pepperdine Gmail account to access the report
  • The report saves automatically whenever you make any edits; you will not need to click save anywhere.
  • All instructions and prompts are within the report
  • If any assessment data was collected for the year in review, it will be linked within the report prompts.