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M. S. in Global Business Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the M. S. in Global Business program, students will be able to:

Goal 1: Collaboration

  1. Collaborate with others to build consensus and achieve common goals
  2. Communicate with clarity and professionalism to influence others, encourage engagement, and strengthen relationships
  3. Apply leadership skills to develop meaningful relationships in a global environment

Goal 2: Global Orientation

  1. Incorporate positive social, ethical, and environmental considerations into competitive global business strategies
  2. Incorporate diverse perspectives with cultural sensitivity in global business interactions

Goal 3: Business Competency

  1. Formulate effective strategies for global business and the macro-environment through integration of foundational business knowledge
  2. Analyze multiple data points to inform evidence-based decision-making for a global product or business plan


The assessment portfolio linked below contains the program's curriculum maps, rubrics, and other important assessment documents. The folder serves as a central location where program committee members can visit to keep track of assessment-related items and tasks.