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Online Programs Accreditation and Assessment

Online MBA

The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program combines education in strategy, technology, and leadership to set students up for success in today's globalized marketplace. The program learning goals contain multi-disciplinary problem solving, communication, team-learning, ethics, theory-to-practice, and information literacy outcomes.

Online MSAA

The online Master of Science in Business Analytics curriculum prepares students for a career in data analytics. The program learning goals contain comprehensive ethics, communication, and analytics outcomes. The goals are designed to help students make data-based decisions and to solve complex problems in today's digital age.

Online MSHR

The immersive online Master of Science in Human Resources program introduces the foundational scopes of talent management to meet organizational objectives as a strategic business leader. The program learning goals include team-learning, human resources, business, global, and ethical outcomes.

Online MSML

The online MS in Management and Leadership degree offers a flexible, experience-driven curriculum designed to expand one's foundation of strategic management and organizational practices. The program learning goals include personal development, managerial, leadership, and multicultural outcomes.