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Part-Time MBA Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Part-Time MBA program, students will be able to:

Goal 1: Leading With Purpose

  1. Interpret business situations and propose actions that reflect root Christian values. 
  2. Critically self-reflect to develop a context for living their lives and using their strengths to serve others in business.
  3. Incorporate the social, environmental, cultural, and ethical implications of conducting business in a global context.

Goal 2: Leadership Skills In Action

  1. Collaborate with team members to achieve common goals.
  2. Communicate effectively using defining terms, appropriate context, precise language, and thoughtful professionalism.
  3. Propose solutions and influence courses of action that demonstrate vision, innovativeness, feasibility, and risk assessment.

Goal 3:  Applied Professional Skills

  1. Apply business knowledge to real-world situations
  2. Apply financial and quantitative methods in business decision-making.
  3. Utilize data and technology effectively for business.

The assessment portfolio linked below contains the program's curriculum maps, rubrics, and other important assessment documents. The folder serves as a central location where program committee members can visit to keep track of assessment-related items and tasks.