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Creating a Courses Project Site

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A project site can be used to collaborate with colleagues inside and outside of the Pepperdine community for group work, committees, training/orientations, and research projects. It offers the same tools and features as an academic class site on Courses, such as options to share resources, facilitate discussion, or offer structured learning.  Unlike class sites that are limited to a specific academic term, project sites can span multiple terms or even years.  All current Pepperdine students, faculty, and staff can create project sites.


  1. Click the "Sites" waffle.
  2. Click "Create New Site."Click Create New Site within the sites waffle to begin the process of creating a project site.
  3. Select "Project site" and click Continue.Click the Project Site radio button, and then click Continue.
  4. Fill out the Project Site Information form and click Continue.
  5. Select the desired tools and click Continue.  Note: you can always add more tools to the site later on (via Site Info > Manage Tools). 
  6. Select "Publish Site" so any specified participants can see your site. 
  7. Select "Limit to official course members or to those I add manually (recommended)" if you want to exclude the site from a public listing or "Allow any Courses user to join the site" if you want others to see the site in the public listing of sites available to the entire Pepperdine community.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Review the project site setup confirmation information.
  10. Click Create Site to finish.

Important Note: Do not forget to add participants to your project site for collaboration.


The new project site will now feature within the Sites waffle under the "Projects" category.Project Sites waffle screen


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