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What is LiveText?

Pepperdine uses the LiveText system to assess student learning. When faculty conduct assessment, the goal is to then create reports on the assessment data collected throughout the year. LiveText has helped the school understand where opportunities for improvement lie in academic programs and has kept the school prepared for AACSB and WSCUC program reviews.

How does the assessment process work in LiveText?

The assessment process in LiveText is simple, just a few clicks on a rubric, and it is intuitive to understand. Once the assessment team and a faculty member have agreed and decided on an outcome(s) to assess in that faculty member's course, the assessment team will set up the assignment in LiveText.

An assignment is normally recycled from previous terms, and only consists of an outcome paired with a rubric. For example, oral communication is a program learning outcome that is present in many programs requiring presentations, and has its own rubric. The assignment will be created in LiveText and will contain the rubric, and the only thing that faculty need to do is score the rubric once students have done their presentations.

After the assignment is set up, a member from the assessment team will email the faculty member with specific instructions on how to assess the assignment. The email instructions will look similar to this:

  1. Log in to (if you do not have an account, we will request one for you)
  2. Select "assess" for the course that you want to begin with
  3. Select the student's name to begin
  4. Select "Expand Rubrics" on the bottom right side of the page to view the rubrics in a new window
  5. Click through each rubric to score it
  6. Get the summed score at the bottom right of the rubric (for example, 12 pts)
  7. Click the bottom overall score on the rubric based on the summed score from above
  8. Attach the student's work if you have it using the attach button on the right
  9. Click "Submit Assessment"
  10. Repeat for each student in the course

It is that easy! Normally, assignments are assessed at the same time that the faculty member grades their course's assignment. For example, while grading the course's rubric for the oral presentation, the faculty member can easily login to LiveText and grade the other rubric at the same time, which avoids having to grade twice.

If lost, please contact Pardees Fassihi for more direction, or refer to our step-by-step instructions linked below.