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Posters in Adamson Plaza

Student-created posters promoting upcoming student events(Student posters created by Pepperdine's PrintShop.)

Posters can be made at the HAWC at any time (24/7) but can only be approved during office hours (Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM). Paint and butcher paper supplies are provided. Paper is only supplied if the poster is made in the designated poster area. Posters can also be printed at Printing Services. The organization wishing to hang the poster must supply its own tape.

Poster Rules and Permisssions

  • In order to accommodate all posters, each one should not exceed 6 ft. by 4 ft.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning the HAWC poster area after use. Neglecting to do so may result in fines and/or loss of advertising privileges.
  • For posters, and all announcements, the official name of the sponsoring organization, as well as the event contact information, must be clearly identified on the advertisement.
  • All approved student organizations' posters must be stamped for approval by Student Activities in the Student Organizations Office (HAWC 140) before they are displayed. All unapproved posters will be taken down without notice.
  • Posters must be placed in approved areas. The designated areas include: the wall adjacent to the ramp and on both sides of the wall separating Adamson Plaza and Lower Mullin Town Square and cork boards. Approved posting locations can be viewed in the poster guidelines diagram
  • The only approved poster areas in the Waves Cafe and the Light House are the designated cork boards. Posters that are placed on walls, windows, and glass doors will be removed. 
  • Posters may not be placed on any building, door, window, ground, interior wall, bathrooms, trees, stairs, stair railings, or lightposts in any area of the campus. 
  • The only approved tape for hanging up posters is blue painter tape as other tapes damage paint. 
  • Each group that places a poster in the plaza area is also responsible for its removal. Each poster must be taken down no later than 48 hours after the event is completed. Failure to do so may result in loss of advertising privileges.
  • If found that a group is removing another group's posters, then there may be loss in advertising privileges.
  • Groups, organizations, or businesses that are unaffiliated or not a part of Pepperdine are unable to advertise on campus. 
  • The Freedom Wall should not be used for advertising or marketing space.