Student Programming Board

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We want to make Pepperdine the place to be!

The Student Programming Board is a committee of appointed Pepperdine students dedicated to bringing students together by planning, organizing, and executing events for the Pepperdine community.


Reelstories Film Festival 9


The mission will be accomplished through the following goals.


  • To be intentional in looking for what students want, and then implementing it.
  • To draw the entire Pepperdine community and be inclusive, reaching out to all students.
  • To serve the Pepperdine community with an unprecedented level of morale, pride, energy and stewarding of a comprehensive program of social and recreational events.
  • To provide events that foster community within the Pepperdine student population.
  • To create an atmosphere of fun in events for the students
  • To create events that are of purpose and meaning.
  • To work together with other student organizations.


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