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Freedom Wall

Freedom Wall on Malibu campus

To promote the freedom of expression and exchange of ideas in our community, in 2003 the Student Government Association dedicated this Freedom Wall, which has existed in some form on our campus since 1986.

Since its inception, the Freedom Wall has provided an important forum to engage the University’s affirmation statement that declares “truth has nothing to fear from investigation.” 

Today, we continue to insist that free speech is fundamental to an academic institution and healthy democracy. 

We understand free speech can be a challenge as much as it is a liberty. When confronted with ideas and beliefs that contradict our Christian values of inclusion and human dignity, we often feel compelled to take action.

We believe that the response to disagreement is more speech. At Pepperdine, we have the unique opportunity to explore how Christian values of respect, humility, and love describe how we dialogue with and treat one another. 

As you exercise your right to speak, consider the following guidelines to keep the Freedom Wall a place of open discussion: 

  • Leave room for others to respond or engage your ideas. 
  • Do not cover or remove someone else’s posts. Respond to them. 
    • The Freedom Wall will be cleared weekly on Friday at 5 PM to regularly provide space for new discourse.
  • Do not advertise here. The Freedom Wall is a place for public dialogue not marketing.