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Paint the Rock

NSOh the Places You'll Go painted on the rock

Organization members and individuals must read the policy, check the agreement box, and submit this form before painting The Rock.

The Rock Policy

  • Only recognized student organizations or departments can paint the rock.
  • Stakeouts are not allowed.
  • Battling for the rock is unacceptable. The use of paint pellets, egg throwing, etc. is prohibited.
  • The rock may only be painted by students after 8 PM (All-night stakeouts are not permitted).
  • No items may be strung from plaza walls or buildings and no light poles or handrails may be decorated.
  • Rock decorations other than paint (e.g., wood, signs, decorations, structures) must must adhere to the following guidelines:
    • No items may balance or hang on the structure
    • Structures and decorations must be fully contained within the sand/dirt perimeter surrounding the rock.
    • Structures or decorations may not have protruding nails, screws, or sharp objects.
    • Structures or decorations may not exceed 8 feet in height. Structures or decorations over 4 feet in height must be approved by a University engineer.
      • Drawings and plans for the structure or decoration must be submitted to the Student Organizations Coordinator and the University engineer at least 5 business days prior to construction. The University engineer must personally inspect and approve the structures or decorations by 8:30 a.m. the morning of completion. Scheduling of this meeting is the responsibility of the student organization
  • Unsafe structures must be redesigned or removed immediately at the discretion of the University engineer or Student Activities.
  • A removal plan for structures or decorations of abnormal size or weight must be approved by the Student Organizations Coordinator.
  • Failure to fully comply with these guidelines will result in immediate removal of the structure by the University and a $100 fine issued to the responsible persons/organization/department.
  • On the back of the rock, you must indicate the date it was painted.
  • Once the rock is painted, the date affixed, and the group has left the Plaza, no other group may paint over the rock until the following night at 8 PM.
  • A tarp may be used when painting the Rock to prevent stills.
  • Student Activities will not provide any supplies for painting the Rock.
  • Damage/Paint Spills done to the area surrounding the rock will result in a minimum fine of $100 to the persons/organization/department responsible for the damage.
  • When a group paints over a rock design, the group must stack all items associated with the former design NEATLY along the poster wall.
  • Once a group's design has been painted over and their belongings have been stacked along the wall, the group has 24 hours to remove all items from the rock area. If this is not done, a fine of $100 will be assessed to the responsible student/organization/department.
  • No items such as furniture, mattresses, tables, or chairs, may be taken from any location on campus to place around the Rock.
  • Painting of other campus rocks or areas is prohibited.
  • Profanity or indecency of any kind is prohibited.
  • Painting the adjacent picnic table or the wall surrounding the Rock is prohibited.

University departments reserve the right to paint the rock for special events or purposes, such as New Student Orientation, Family Weekend, etc., at any time. Reservations must be made through the Student Organizations Coordinator at least three days prior to painting.

Failure to comply with the stated regulations will result in loss of future Rock painting privileges, removal of the display, possible fines, and possible referral to the appropriate University discipline committee.

Additionally, Dolores is not allowed to be painted and is off limits for any advertising.