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ICC Club Information

Inter-Club Council (ICC) exists to train club leaders in accountability, personal development, and resourcefulness while helping approved Pepperdine clubs gain access to funding and event planning information. There are currently 2,415 Seaver undergraduate students involved in the over 95 active clubs and organizations on campus. For students interested in joining, starting, or re-registering a club, please review the information below as well as read through the Student Organizations Handbook

Important Dates

New Club Application Opens March 1, 2024
Club Re-Registration Opens March 1, 2024
ICC Presidential Elections TBD
ICC EBoard Position Applications Opens March 8, 2024. Closes March 31, 2024.

Club Information

  FAQ Google Doc

Please click on this link to how to keep track of attendance, scan QR codes for events, submit event and funding requests, submit promotional requests, how to bring outside speakers/vendors, funding policies, and more.

  Want to Join a Club? 

If you are wanting to join a club, but do not know where to start, fill out this form to have the ICC Executive Board (E-Board) connect you with a club that will meet your interests. 

  New Club Registration

If there is a club or organization that you would like to start on our campus, ICC is here to help. In order to be approved and recognized as a registered student organization of Seaver College, clubs must establish the following:

  • An official club name
  • A mission/purpose statement
  • A faculty/staff advisor (advising by an outside entity or individual is not permitted, with the exception of national sorority and fraternity advisors)
  • A governing constitution
  • A process for selecting and replacing leadership
  • A membership roster; with a minimum of 10 members*
  • A preliminary calendar of events, meetings, and activities*

*Note: These will be modified or enhanced as the club grows and develops into an established organization. 

The process of becoming an officially registered student organization with Seaver College is as follows:

  • Step 1: Contact the Student Organizations Coordinator with the intent of establishing a club.
  • Step 2: Compile and fill out the appropriate documents of the requirements listed above.
  • Step 3: Apply/Submit all required materials through Peppervine. (Note: The Fall 2023 new club application is closed) .
  • Step 4: The ICC President in conjunction with the Student Advisory Committee (composed of Student Affairs and university staff) will review the application for University approval.
  • Step 5: The club representative will receive a notification of approval, denial, or –request additional information– from the Advisory Committee through Peppervine.
  Club Re-Registration

Reapplication is the process of telling ICC that you plan to keep your organization active for the upcoming year. Student organizations need to reapply at the end of Fall or Spring semester depending on their ICC category. Social and Professional Greek-lettered organizations will reapply their organization at the end of the fall semester. Every other organization will reapply at the end of spring semester.

To re-apply for Fall 2023, please submit your club documents to the form on Peppervine by Friday, June 2. If you have questions or need assistance with obtaining past club documents, please contact


ClubCon serves as orientation for our new clubs and club leaders. It is hosted at the start of both fall and spring semesters. All clubs must have one representative attend ClubCon to learn about ICC policies and procedures, and submit the funding quiz selecting whether your group would like more funding available for either General Fund or Student Development. For more information about the ICC policies and procedures, please review the Student Organizations Handbook.

  Tide Pools

Tide Pools is for current clubs and organizations to promote and table at this club fair. During the two hour event, students can meet the various club members and learn about how to get involved in a club on campus. If your group would like to table, stay tuned for the RSVP email that will be sent at the start of the fall and spring semester. 


Peppervine is the platform that hosts all of our student clubs and organizations for Seaver College. Download on either the App Store or Google Play the Campus Group app onto your mobile device to be able to quickly scan into club and department events on campus. Select “Pepperdine University” and use your Wavenet credentials to login to Peppervine. Once your profile is finished, then you will be able to RSVP for events, join groups, and more! To access your personal QR code, click on the bottom right corner that says “more”, select the QR code icon at the top right corner, and screenshot this image to have easy access in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  If I missed the Fall 2023 new club registration, can I create a new club for the Fall 2023 semester?

Unfortunately, the new club registration is closed at this time. Students may apply for Spring 2024 when the spring new club application opens. Please reach out to for more information about when that application opens.

  How do I submit an event request on Peppervine? 

All event requests must be submitted two weeks in advance of the event to ensure enough time for approvals, space confirmation, and setup request. To submit the event request on Peppervine, follow these steps: 

  • Login to
  • Go to your club’s membership page
  • Go to the left hand side on the side bar
  • Click “Events”
  • Once on the page, click “create event” on the top right corner
  • Fill out with necessary information 
  • Select a location using the “Book Rooms” feature. Be sure to add time for setup and breakdown. 
  • Submit event by clicking “Create Event” 

Pepperdine has a strict “four or more” rule, meaning that if four or more people from your organization are in attendance, you need to make an event request. An event is any activity or situation, sponsored, co-sponsored or endorsed by the organization, or any event a reasonable person would associate with the organization.

  How do I reserve a space for my club?

All groups can reserve a space through the event request form. To avoid confusion, please do not go through Office Managers unless advised to do so by the Student Organizations Coordinator. If the room you are requesting is not available, that means it is reserved by another group. Select a different room or find another date or time that room is available. 

  Why does ICC want my club meetings/events/etc. tracked on Peppervine?

ICC E-board takes in consideration the number of people who consistently attend club meetings and use this as a base for which clubs should be funded. For instance, if only 20 students show up consistently, it is unlikely that ICC would fund a request submitted for food for 50 students. ICC highly encourages groups to utilize the CampusGroups QR code scan feature to check students into events. 

  How does ICC allocate funds for clubs?

ICC allocates club funds into two categories: Student Development and General Fund. During ClubCon, clubs and organizations decide if they would like to receive up to $3,000 in one category and up to $4,000 in the other category. Additionally, clubs and organizations have up to $500 per year for marketing requests. Please note: Groups can ask up to these amounts, however it does not guarantee that ICC will fund the request made. It is up to the discretion of the ICC E-Board during funding meetings whether or not to fund certain requests.

  How do I access funding? 

All funding requests must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the event to ensure enough time for approval, purchasing, and shipment of the items. To submit the funding request on Peppervine, follow these steps: 

  • Log in to
  • Go to your club’s membership page
  • Go to the left hand side on the side bar
  • Click “Money”
  • Once on the page, click “Budgeting”
  • Fill out the necessary information
  • Specify between Promotional Material Request and ICC Funds Request

ICC will review each funding request during their weekly funding meeting. ICC will respond to requests within 48 hours of the funding meeting. If you do not hear back from ICC, please email to follow up on your request.

For funding requests over $1,000, please schedule a time to discuss this request with the ICC E-Board during the weekly funding meetings. 

  What do I need to do to bring an outside speaker?

Payment and approval of an outside speaker is a significantly longer process than a traditional event and funding request. Please contact the Student Organizations Coordinator at least 6 weeks prior to the planned event date to coordinate this process. 

  Why did part of my funding request get approved but not all of it?

ICC E-board should have communicated the reason as to why the funding request was partially funded. In general, ICC will review all event requests in tandem with the funding request during the weekly funding meetings. If ICC E-board deems that the club does not need the amount of supplies or food requested based on previous requests or attendance tracked on Peppervine, often ICC will recommend a lower cost item or lower amount. Additionally, there are some requests that are not approved by ICC. To learn more about what ICC is able to fund, visit the Student Organizations Handbook and refer to the “Inter-Club Council Funding Policies” section.

  Why was my funding request denied?

Your funding request may have been denied for various reasons. Please check your email to see if you received an email from either or To learn more about what ICC is able to fund, visit the Student Organizations Handbook and refer to the “Inter-Club Council Funding Policies” section.