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Child Care Resources

Child Care Subsidy Grant

Pepperdine understands that one of the most difficult work/life issues for employees with children is the high cost of child care. The University provides a Child Care Subsidy Grant Program to assist University faculty and staff in meeting these costs.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

You can use a Dependent Care FSA to cover daycare expenses for a child who is age 12 or younger, including in-home care that allows you to work at home. Contributions to a Dependent Care FSA are made on a pre-tax basis. The FSA can cover preschool tuition, camps, and after school care. You cannot use the FSA to pay for kindergarten or private school tuition for a child age 5 and older. Online educational programs or private tutoring are also not eligible expenses under IRS rules for Dependent Care FSA accounts.

Affinity Group Support

Pepperdine has a number of informal, employee-led affinity groups for colleagues who share a common interest or goal. One is a monthly family affinity group that discusses parenting challenges, juggling work and parenting, and the many transitions parents experience.

Please contact Kelly Haer at kelly.haer@pepperdine.edu to learn more about this group.

Monitoring Local Schools/Programs

While Human Resources does not endorse local schools/programs, but we do monitor available programs in the Malibu area.

Please view a list of local care centers on the Human Resources website.

Employee Assistance Program

The Health Advocate EAP+Work/Life program is a core benefit available to all participating employees through their benefit package. Work/Life specialists are available to help you locate the right support service, from childcare and eldercare to financial and legal help. Their targeted child care services currently include:

  • One-on-one consultations with the Work/Life Team to help any parent/member with their specific needs and to direct members to the right resources;
  • Access to a well-rounded parents guide on care.com;
  • Links to a number of fun, free, and educational websites to share with children;
  • A number of webinars and other resources on their website.

Visit myhealthadvocate.pepperdine.edu or call 866.799.2728 for assistance.

Hire a Pepperdine Student

Hire a Pepperdine student to assist with tutoring, babysitting, or other household needs. Consider posting your listing on Handshake, the University's job posting site managed by the Student Employment Office. The Student Employment Office will help you post and take down your listing, and you will be able to facilitate the hiring process according to your own schedule and specific needs. Click here to request a posting, or contact Student.Employment@Pepperdine.edu for more information.

Consider an Outside Tutoring Resource

While Human Resources does not endorse tutoring programs, we do monitor available programs and tutoring options in the greater Los Angeles area.

Please view a list of tutoring resources here.

You may also find benefit in this article from Safety.com for reinforcing less screen-time and more time outdoors.

Log On to Virtual Family Fun

Human Resources has gathered a list of educational and interactive resources to further engage children in a virtual environment. These include natural history, art, and fitness videos for a variety of ages.

Pepperdine Center for the Arts also offers free performances to over 5,000 schoolchildren each year, providing an opportunity for students to see a wide variety of professional artists, such as musicians, dancers, and theatre artists through their ARTSReach program.

Join a Parenting Support Group

Participants will attend a three-part series, with one session per week for three weeks, led by an accredited therapist. These sessions will be an opportunity for therapists to discuss common concerns and techniques to help caregivers combat frustrations in the home setting. Caregivers will also have the opportunity to ask questions and share their own experiences. For more information, please contact humanresources@pepperdine.edu.

Child Care & Babysitting Job Postings

If you would like to request a job posting be added to Seaver College's Handshake job posting database, please contact the Seaver College Career Center (seavercareers@pepperdine.edu). This will enable your posting request to be advertised to current Seaver students and recent Seaver graduates.