Pepperdine has partnered with a leading financial institution to help employees save for retirement by contributing into their 403b accounts (similar to 401k, but for non-profit organizations). Pepperdine generously contributes 4.0% to each eligible employee automatically, and further matches employees' contributions up to 6.0% of their salary.

Note: Employer contributions are only for employees 26 years of age or older with at least one year of service at the University.

Access Pepperdine's Retirement Plan Web page.

Retirement Plan Committee 

Larry Bumgardner; Associate Professor, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
Lauren Cosentino; Chief Human Resources Officer
Michelle del Giudice; Senior Associate Director, Human Resources
Michael Feltner; Dean, Seaver College
Joseph Fritsch; Associate Professor, Seaver College
Naomi Goodno; Associate Professor, School of Law
Jack McManus; Professor, Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Pete Peterson; Dean, School of Public Policy
Joan Singleton (Chair); Chief Financial Officer
Nicolle Taylor; Chief Business Officer