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Student Wellness Advisory Board

Student SWAB members

The Student Wellness Advisory Board (SWAB) seeks to promote overall wellness at Pepperdine University by supporting the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, Campus Rec, and Office of Title IX with prevention and outreach programming. Health and wellness trainings, presentations, and promotional materials are made available to all members of the Pepperdine community. 

SWAB partners with the following university departments:

Wellness Statement

As physical and mental wellness directly impacts academic and spiritual growth, the objectives of health and wellness support the University’s mission by equipping students to engage in healthy behaviors with purpose, serve as role models in self-care and bystander intervention, and lead with resilience.

Health and Wellness Goals

The health and wellness goals for Pepperdine university include promoting wellness among students by planning prevention and awareness programs and events, offering wellness-related workshops, and training student-leaders —all within the Christian context of Pepperdine’s mission.

Health and Wellness Student Leader Outcomes

Students leaders will:

  • Demonstrate an increased understanding of healthy behaviors and practices that create a safe community
  • Engage in cognitions and behaviors that will improve their own health and enable students to care for others
  • Demonstrate skills to empathize with and assist others, from diverse backgrounds, who have safety or health-related concerns

General expectations:

  • Be a liaison for SWAB
  • Attend all meetings
  • Plan and spearhead all collaborative and individual events
  • Maintain and uphold the integrity of health and wellness for the university

Applications for the 2022-2023 Student Wellness Advisory Board are closed. Applications for the 2023-2024 board will be available in Spring 2023. 

Have questions about being on SWAB or collaborating/partnering with SWAB? Check out SWABS's Instagram account @pepperdineswab or for more in-depth information and/or questions email us at

SWAB Position Guidelines

The Student Wellness Advisory Board (SWAB) serves as advocates for the Counseling Center, Office of Title IX, the Student Health Center, and Campus Rec. All SWAB members will help to program and educate on behalf of these departments committed to student health and wellness. In this sense, ambassadors and representatives will serve as peer wellness educators to the Pepperdine community. SWAB members will encourage the student body to make healthy choices by allocating relevant health and wellness information. All positions within SWAB will include an application process. The co-leader and ambassador applications include an interview portion.


SWAB Members


SWAB is composed of co-leaders of whom have maintained extensive experience within SWAB. These student leaders shall act as guides in the conduct of all organization events, meetings, and training sessions under the counsel of the SWAB Advisor. The specific duties of the position can be found below:

  • Approval of
    • Submitted outlines created by ambassadors
    • Formal emails
    • Purchase of materials
  • Assistance of the ambassadors and representatives in the coordination and organization of events 
  • Attendance at
    • All Student Activities Health and Wellness meetings
    •  All ambassador and general meetings 
    • All relevant training sessions 
  • Coordination, organization, and attendance of all training, Ambassador, General, and Advisor Meetings 
  • Initiation of hiring and training new ambassadors and representatives 
  • Maintenance of
    • Contact with the department directors being represented
    • Deadlines of all relevant event proposals and funding requests 
  • Participation in all events being programmed and attendance in at least four events per semester 
  • Update of relevant documents as necessary 
  Public Relations (PR) Coordinator

The SWAB graphic designer is responsible for all social outreach and public relations of the organization. This student will represent all three issue areas of Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Healthy Communities. The specific duties of the position can be found below. 

  • Attendance at weekly general meetings 
  • Creation and submission of all event posters, graphics, and handouts

  • Attendance at all events to get content and post
  • Attendance at office hours for upcoming events
  • Maintenance fo all social media outlets
    • Posts at least once per week
    • Post every Wednesday three weeks before an event with a countdown

The Student Wellness Advisory ambassadors are paid student workers which represent specific issue areas of Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Healthy Communities. These leaders shall act as liaisons between these departments and the student body through educating peers regarding the topics of mental, physical, and gender-based wellness. The specific duties of the position can be found below. 

  • Attendance at
    • All ambassador meetings
    • All general meetings
    • All relevant training sessions
    • All branch events
  • Coordination and organization of specific branch events
  • Guidance of representatives at specific branch events
  • Maintenance of contact with corresponding department 

  • Submission of relevant
    • Event outlines to Google Drive
    • SWAB-and-Tell
    • Notes of training sessions
      • Google Drive --> Training --> Your branch --> TrainingSession_Event name
    • Rock painting requests
    • Printing requests
    • Techonology service requests
    • Warehouse requests

The Student Wellness Advisory Board volunteers are students that represent SWAB by working alongside the ambassadors in organizing and working events. The specific duties of the position can be found below. Volunteers will be first to receive swag at all events. 

  • Attendance at
    • A minimum of two events per semester
    • A minimum of two educational training sessions per semester
    • Commitment to general meetings for events