Extended School Lock-ups for Print and Digital

The extended school lock-ups are an expansion of the traditional wordmark/school name combination. While the basic strategy remains the same, the extended lock-ups allow the school name to be visually promoted through a larger and bolder typeface. This treatment increases visibility and brand recognition of the schools across all media. In those instances where space or size may limit the use of the extended lock-ups, the traditional lock-ups may be substituted. The extended lock-ups are developed for the five schools only and are not to be used to represent non-academic or other second-tier entities. Usage guidelines for traditional wordmarks and lock-ups also apply to the extended lock-ups. These include the application of the lock-ups, clear space, and minimum size allowance.


The obligation to create and maintain all enterprise-wide brand visuals rests with Integrated Marketing Communications. No other person or department acting as an official representative of the University is allowed to create or develop a unique brand mark for their own purpose. This is especially important for any communication or marketing materials that reach an audience outside the local campus environment, since an overabundance of unique identities dilutes the strength of the brand identity of the University as an enterprise.


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