Faculty Profile Request Form

Criteria for faculty profile Frequently asked questions
  • At least 1-year of experience
  • Full-time contract (24 units)
  • Participating faculty (supporting faculty are not eligible)
  • All tenured/tenure track faculty are eligible upon hire

How frequently are faculty profiles updated?

  • Profiles are reviewed by Faculty Affairs once per term to ensure that correct titles and eligible profiles are posted.
  • If faculty would like to update their biographies, research, etc., they should complete the embedded form below.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my faculty profile page?

  • You may contact Jaime Quillen, in the Faculty Affairs office with any questions related to your profile.
Requesting a new faculty page Updating a current profile

During the onboarding process, Faculty Affairs assists new faculty in creating a faculty profile page.

To start a new faculty profile page, please complete the embedded form below. As relevant, submit information for the following headers:

Campus/ Office Location, Research, Bio, Awards, High-Quality Photo, Presentations, CV, Grants, Education, Media, Twitter Profile/ Social Handles, Topics Taught, Teaching, Courses Taught

See example

Please complete the embedded form below. Indicate what content you are updating and either paste the new copy into the form field or upload an attachment.