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Global Programs Expenses

Allowable Expenses for Faculty in Global Business Intensive Courses

Important Notes About University Policy:

No reimbursements will be made after 30 days from expense transaction date. University policy prevents reimbursement for expenses submitted after 30 days and furthermore, such expenses will be reported to the IRS as income to the employee.

The University requires all original receipts to be taped to an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper with a written, detailed description of the expense. Attach documented rate of conversion. Submit all amounts converted into US dollars.

As a part of the Global Business Intensive course program, your accommodations, some meals and within-program transportation have been arranged.  Your transportation to and from the program destination, additional meals, airport transfers, air fare and visa fees are reimbursable by Pepperdine University. 

Please review the information below.  The Expense Chart on the last page is provided for your convenience.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Global Programs Office, Ms. Debbie Durio at or by phone at (310) 506-4476. 


Accommodations expenses during the program dates will be reimbursable if they are not already covered by the program.  Accommodation expenses on dates outside of the program are not reimbursable unless prior approval is obtained.  


Transportation to the program destination, such as air fare and taxis, is reimbursable.  Dated receipts are required.  Expenses for airport transfers to and from home are reimbursable only if Primetime Shuttle and/or Super Shuttle services are utilized.  A Pepperdine discount is available for these two services.  

Airport Parking:

Airport parking expenses during the program are not reimbursable.  


Some meals will be provided as a part of the program.  Meals during the program dates that are not provided by the program will be reimbursable.  Alcohol/mini-bar charges are not reimbursable.  Meals outside of the program dates are not reimbursable.  Requests for reimbursement for all qualifying meals must be accompanied by the original detailed itemized receipt.  Original receipts must be placed on an   8 X 11 sheet of blank paper with a detailed description of the expense for submission. 

Phone calls:  

Local telephone calls for the purpose of program coordination will be reimbursable. One (1) phone call per week to your home will be reimbursed up to $30.00.  All other telephone expenses, such as long-distance calls and mobile phone rentals, are not reimbursable.  

Internet Access:

US$80.00 is the maximum amount allowed for internet access per week.  

Program Cell Phone:

Only emergency phone calls and calls related to critical program coordination are authorized.  Additional phone cards, SIM cards or minutes purchased will not be reimbursed.  


Airline "Over-limit" baggage weight fees are not reimbursable.  Regular checked bag fees are reimbursable for the faculty member only, and they require a receipt.  


Airfare obtained through Corniche Travel will be purchased directly through the Global Programs Office.  Ticket purchases from other vendors require prior approval for reimbursement or purchase. 


No reimbursements are available for any guest/spouse expenses.