eLearning Faculty Resources

Faculty member using computer for online learning

The Pepperdine Graziadio eLearning team offers pedagogical tools and technical support for faculty teaching online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses. We also provide 1:1 consultations to help faculty craft engaging course content using the latest educational technologies.

Instruction Design and Consultation Services

Instructional Needs Assessment

From syllabus design to course publication, we collaborate with faculty to create transformational learning through instructional design and quality assurance.

Quality Matters Course Rubric

We work closely with faculty seeking Quality Matters (QM) certification. Our quality assurance specialist advises faculty on accessibility, QM standards for Courses (Sakai), and the alignment of learning activities and assessments to course outcomes.

Face-to-Face, Hybrid, and Online Courses

In partnership with faculty, we develop and deliver innovative course design. We work with faculty to design instruction, projects, assignments, and assessments that use academic integrity strategies with targeted tools.

Courses, Tools, and Emerging Apps

Is there an app for that? We help faculty with the integration of emerging apps and educational technologies into Courses (Sakai). We proactively examine and test course tools, webpage links, and interactive media for functionality and usability.

Interactive Digital Media and Video

Together we craft learning interactions that engage learners with peers and course content. Need a video or want to use digital media? Contact us for a consultation and to schedule a time in our stat of the art film studio.

Professional Development Workshops

Teaching face-to-face, hybrid, or online? We facilitate professional development in educational technologies, demonstrate Courses (Sakai) tools, and provide workshops for faculty on evidence-based teaching methods.